Sore Performance, 2015, 10 minutes, Loughborough University Fine Art Department 


I entered into the performance space with the audience surrounding a lone stall. I sit down on the stall and apply mud to my arm. Once covered I scrub my arm for 10 minutes with a sponge. Even when there is no visible mud I keep scrubbing even when my arm begins to become red. It begins a comical cleaning of mud, which references childhood mud fights, and becomes masochistic process of damaging the skin. The audience find it humorous at first watching me apply the mud to my clean arm. Then become uncomfortable when watching my arm become redder and redder. The audience experience a tipping point from a playful performance to a masochistic one. The audience are hooked in by the playful nature of the performance but also every person has a interest in watching someone inflict pain on themselves as a form of escapism, making them feel better about their own life.

Sculpture Performance, 2015, 2 hours, Loughborough University Fine Art Department  


For this performance I positioned my body in a busy corridor blocking the people walking through with my body and a plank of wood. I placed myself in this space to force people into the performance. This meant that they would have no choice but to interact with myself the performer. The audiences reactions were humorous at first but the regular people walking back and forth noticed that I was in pain by leaning my body’s weight on the wood. There were two types of audience ones who found it humorous walking through once and the viewers who regularly walk through and sympathise with the performer.

Obstruction Performance, 2015, 1 hour in a 5 day working week (Monday to Friday), Loughborough University Fine Art Department


This performance was done for 1 hour in a 5 day working week (Monday to Friday). This was to reference a typical working week to gain some empathy from the audience. I positioned myself in different areas of the building and engage with different viewers. The objects were a significant part of this performance the brick was place on a part of my back which causes gradual pain. The ice cream references the determination of my body, as the performer, and also creates movement. The performance was also in response to a trip to Venice, the objects used refer to Venice’s architecture and culture. I placed myself where there is heavy foot traffic like an automatic door and a vending machines (as shown with the photos 13 and 14). The humor came when people didn’t know how to react as my body was an unexpected obstruction to the day and the audience didn’t know how to react, if they could walk through or if they should wait timidly for the performance to end.