"Performance’s only life is in the present. Performance cannot be saved, recorded, documented, or otherwise … once it does so, it becomes something other than performance" - Peggy Phelan, ‘The Unmark’ (1993)

My performances argue against the traditions of art. By performing as a living sculpture, referencing aspects of that art discipline, I play with the idea of humour. The intention is to draw the audience into the performance, positioning myself in comical ways thereby manipulating and changing the concept of what is known as a traditional art form. I force the spectators into an environment in which they feel obligated to remain throughout. The objects used in my artwork reflect the ridiculous and absurd, which promotes laughter and makes the performances accessible to all. The artwork relies heavily on the audience, as it is a once only performance, which is not repeated. They must experience it in the moment to truly be part of the artwork.

Red?!?!?, 2016, Artsadmin - Lee Campbell Tactics of Interruption, Toynbee Studios